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I've been blogging off and on for almost two decades. After taking a break for a little while, I'm back! :) Let me tell you a little about myself and my family:

My name is Candi and I'm from small town Kansas. I had big plans to move out of state after I graduated high school in 2000, but then I had kids and decided to stick around so we could be close to family. And...we're still here! Maybe after my kids graduate high school I will venture elsewhere. ;)

I have two daughters with my ex-husband (whom will only be referred to as XH in my blog). I left him in 2005 and our divorce was finalized in 2006. I agreed to settle on shared 50/50 custody before trial because I thought it would be "fair" enough for him to stop fighting me over everything...but that didn't happen. It continued to be a nightmare for an entire decade. Then after I took our case back to court in 2016, the judge granted my motion for primary residential custody...and things have been much better since.

My oldest, Aubry, is in high school already. I still can't believe that she'll be an adult in just a few years. She's a very sweet girl with a soft heart who has no tolerance for bullies or hate of any kind. She always wants to make sure everyone feels included. She does very well in school and her favorite class has been AFJROTC. It's been a great opportunity to meet new friends and be involved in activities outside of class...which have included marching in parades, helping with community service events, and things like gaming nights. Aubry has also enjoyed her arts and crafts classes and is looking forward to taking sociology and psychology classes...which is what she wants to study in college. She is obsessed with the TV Show Supernatural, 80s classic rock, and old cars. It's hard to believe that she's old enough to be driving already. She has grown up way too fast!

My youngest, Ashlyn, is in middle school. She has really enjoyed the social aspect of middle school and has had to work a bit harder to stay on task. ;P She really enjoys her elective classes like vocal music and art. Ashlyn enjoys all things having to do with animals and daydreaming about all the things she'd like to have in life...usually consisting of becoming a Vet, rescuing every animal on the plant, and building a huge mansion for her family and all the animals...and a wing of her huge house as a homeless shelter where they have food, water, their own bed, and they can help with the animals and get help finding jobs. Ashlyn is a very generous person and any time she sees an animal or person suffering, she just wants to help. Ashlyn also enjoys finding new shows to watch on Netflix, listening to music and singing along, and being a little social butterfly.
My husband's name is Johnny. We met in 2005 when we worked together at a data entry center for the post office. We dated briefly from June-October 2005 before going our separate ways. We reconnected on Facebook in July 2009. Then in 2012, we gave our relationship a second chance...and I'm so very glad we did. I have finally found my happily ever after. <3 Johnny and I are so alike in so many ways...and the differences we do have seem to complement each other. I feel as if I've found the piece of my soul that I didn't even know was missing until Johnny came into my life. He is an incredible man who works hard to take care of his family and likes to spoil his loved ones whenever he can. I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else. We were married on our 5th anniversary in August 2017. It was a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful day!
I think the best present Johnny has ever given me has been to show my daughters what a relationship is supposed to be like...full of love, respect, and two people who are always there for each other through everything life throws at them. The kids have never seen us argue...but they do see us holding hands, laughing, and working together the way a partnership should. I couldn't have picked a better man to be the step-dad of my kids...and they have a wonderful relationship with him. 
Easter 2014
One of my favorite pictures...Easter 2014
Johnny has two adult children in their 20s: Andrew and Ashlyn (yes we have a child with the same name lol). He had primary custody of his kids ever since their divorce was filed in 1997. He was also awarded step-parent visitation with his kids' half brother, Brittan. After several years in the Navy (and being stationed in Hawaii and Japan), Brittan is living in Missouri with his fiance, Caitlyn. They were able to make the trip to Kansas for our wedding and we were absolutely thrilled to have them there and to finally meet Caitlyn. Johnny's son, Andrew, is currently living with us while going to school to become a medical assistant. He is getting excellent grades and even became a Student Ambassador. Johnny's daughter, Ashlyn, also went to school to become a medical assistant. She's currently living with her husband, Randall, and their four children in Texas where he is stationed in the Army. This is one of my favorite pictures of Johnny with Andrew and Ashlyn the day she had her first child: 
Johnny, Ashlyn, and Andrew when Ashlyn's daughter was born.
We also have a houseful of pets! Ashlyn left two of her dogs here when she moved: a Rat Terrier-Chihuahua mix named Toby born in 2006 and an American Eskimo named Valek born in 2008. Drew also has two dogs: an Italian Greyhound named Nanook born in 2006 and a Pit mix named Mahala born in 2013. Johnny has an Australian Shepherd named Bandit and he was born in 2010. Then little Ashlyn found a litter of stray kittens in an alley back in 2016 and brought three of them home. The darn things made me fall in love with them...so now I have my own furbabies. ;)
Leo, Milo, and Angel
And that is who we are! Welcome to my new bloggy home! :)
Feel free to contact me at: tinycandi@gmail.com.

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