Saturday, May 19, 2018

Vet Time!

Johnny helped me take all three kitties to the vet on Wednesday. We had to get their annual vaccinations and registrations for the city...and just get them checked over in general and make sure they're all doing okay.

I really like our veterinary office. They just moved into a new building and went from being a small clinic to an actual animal hospital. It's so much bigger and really nice! There's a much larger waiting room which is actually separated a little bit for cats and dogs. There's even a little area for kids to play vet while they wait. And the exam rooms are really nice!

I had to wait until Johnny could go with me...I can't take all three by myself anymore. I can put Milo and Angel in the same carrier (one of those soft-sided ones that kinda look like a duffel bag) and they do just fine...but Leo is an entirely different story. :P He absolutely HATES car rides. As soon as we got in the car, he was trying to escape the pet carrier (the plastic kind where the top detaches and there's a metal door on the front). I thought being such a small carrier (and him being such a big cat) that maybe the smaller confinement would be more calming for him. NOPE. He managed to break one of the tabs that keeps the top on and was pushing his face through the opening to get out while I was trying to put the door back in the slots and hold it shut. Finally I got him to settle down (though he started panting which looks so creepy in cats). Meanwhile...Milo and Angel were just chilling and laying all comfy in the bag carrier. :P

Johnny waited with me for a bit, but then he had to leave to pick up Ashlyn from school. The vet came in and we decided to get the rabies and distemper for all three and the Feline Leukemia vaccine for Leo, but then wait to get the Leukemia vaccine for Milo and Angel until next payday. I didn't want to have to deal with transporting Leo again, so he's all done. :P

The kitties are doing great. I had been concerned about a spot on Milo's mouth that looked pretty red and raw last week, but it has almost healed completely. The vet said it looked like he had gotten an infection, but since it's mostly cleared up on it's own we didn't have to do anything else with it...just watch and make sure it goes away. And Leo has had a lump on the side his neck that you can feel under the skin and then has like a clump of black stuff that works it's way out. I know cats can get feline acne...but that's usually more on their face and chin. The vet said it's probably just a cyst and if it's not bothering him (which I don't think it has been), then it's fine to leave it alone for now.

Oh! And the new building has tables that can be lowered to the ground or raised up (so big dogs don't have to be lifted onto a table) and it also has a built-in we officially weighed the kitties. Angel is 10 lbs, Milo is 12 lbs, and Leo is 15 lbs. I honestly thought Angel would weigh less than that because she feels so light. But she's a domestic medium hair and they range from about 11-22 lbs (so she's apparently smaller for her breed) while the domestic short hair ranges from 6-16 lbs. I'm not surprised that Leo weighs so much, though...he's all muscle and feels even heavier than 15lbs!

The kitties did really good with their shots. Leo was the only one to hiss at the vet after his first shot...other than that they were just wide-eyed and nervous. :P Milo went first and after his shots, I went to put him back in the carrier and he turned around and tried to hide behind the carrier Leo was in and burrow in between the seat cushions on the bench. :P

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But...the kitties are doing great and the vet said I'm doing a good job as a cat mama. :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Yay for today!

I'm SO excited! My step-daughter and her husband closed on their house today with my mother-in-law. Not only am I happy for them, I'm happy for us as well. For the first time since Johnny and I started living together, it will just be the four of us (plus 1 dog and 3 cats) in the house.

Johnny's mom moved in with him many years ago when he was going through treatments for a chronic health condition and has lived here ever since. When Johnny and I started dating, Big Ashlyn had already moved into an apartment with her (now ex)husband but Drew and Johnny's step-son, Britt, were living here. Then Drew and Britt got an apartment together and that's when the girls and I moved in. A short time later, Ashlyn and her (now ex)husband and their daughter moved back in. She stayed here through their divorce until 2014 when she moved to Texas and got married again. And...then Drew moved back in a few months later. Fast forward to 2017...Drew moved out and Ashlyn moved back in with us until they found a house here after her husband got out of the military. 

So...since late January 2018, we've had 5 adults, 2 teenagers, 4 children (ages 3-6), 8 dogs, and 4 cats living in this house. Needless to say...tensions have been running a little high around here. Between the noise and the mess and the clashing personalities...everyone has been ready for this day to come. Originally my mother-in-law wasn't planning to move in with big Ashlyn and her family...but after some conflict the last couple weeks that came to a head on Monday, she is moving as well. Ashlyn and her family started staying in the house last night and my MIL is planning to move in Friday.

I'm SO excited to start deep cleaning the house, painting, and getting the rest of our stuff out of storage! As soon as MIL is completely out of the room she's been staying in, I'm going to clean the floor and walls...get everything freshened up in there. Then Johnny and I will be moving into that room since it's the largest. Then I'm going to get our room all cleaned up so Aubry can paint the walls before moving her stuff in there. Ashlyn will be staying in the same room she's been in, but we'll be moving all the cat stuff out so she'll have more room. We'll empty her room out so she can paint it as well (she's already picked a teal color) then she'll be getting my old queen size bed to replace her twin bed. And she might have room now for a desk and her bookcase that has been in storage.

We're also going to have an office in Aubry's old room (which will be next to our room)! I'm super excited about that, too! We'll set up the desks, cabinets, etc. plus we'll have the closet in there for storage. I'll have more of a plan after we get Aubry's stuff cleared out of there. Originally I thought about putting my easel in there so I could start painting again...but I'm starting to think it may work out better to have all of our art stuff in the basement near the daylight window (where the desks have been)...that way there will be more room to have all the art supplies in the same area and the daylight window will provide ventilation. We'll see how it goes. I'm ready to get started!! :)

Saturday, March 31, 2018


Yesterday, Ashlyn pushed my patience to the limit. The era of teenage attitude is upon us...and I'm very much NOT a fan. I hope it's a phase that resolves itself soon...

Despite being grounded, I had let Ashlyn take her ipod and her phone (which doesn't have mobile service at the moment) with her when they went on vacation during spring break...because I thought she might want to take pictures while she was there. When she got back, I told her that she had to give the ipod and phone back to me. She knew that was the deal when she got home. Well...she gave me the phone but claimed to have left her ipod at Grandma's house.

Ashlyn hasn't had internet access for most of the last two months because of her poor grades in two classes. She knows that she has to bring her grades up in order to have her devices and access to the internet again. Unfortunately, she gets herself into further trouble by sneaking her devices out of my room and lying about doing things she's not supposed to be doing. It's been a recurring theme pretty much the entire year.

Yesterday was XH's birthday. While she was AT SCHOOL, Ashlyn got on facebook and tagged her dad in a happy birthday post that included pictures of them. Ashlyn is NOT supposed to be on facebook while she's grounded and definitely not while she's at school. And when asked how she got on facebook, she lied and said she used her friend's phone. Um. NO. She dug herself a hole when she posted pictures...since they were on her ipod and wouldn't have been on her friend's phone. When confronted with that, she claimed that her dad posted the pictures...which was another lie. It just drives me crazy! So now, she's also grounded from accessing facebook at I've changed her password.

Ashlyn is 13 years old. When Aubry was 13 years old, she acted much the same way...the attitude, the lying, the defiance. Aubry got much better at 15, so I'm hoping that'll be the case with Ashlyn as well. Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I want another spring break!

Spring break didn't last nearly long enough. Not that I really did anything over spring just seems like time is going by so fast in general. I feel like a broken record...I keep saying time is going by too fast. I think it just seems so much faster lately because I've come to a place in my life where I'm happy and just want to slow the world down and enjoy it. And it often hits me that the more time that goes by, the less time we really have left.

The girls had a pretty good spring break. They took a lot of pictures while out on a hike...though it was mostly just pictures that Ashlyn had taken of Aubry and none of Ashlyn. :P She's at that stage where she doesn't particularly like to pose for photos as much. Aubry called me several times while they were gone and that was really nice.

I continue to be so thankful that Aubry and I have grown closer over the last year. I really think it started late in 2017 when she confided in me about something difficult and my reaction was better than she had anticipated (she's a worrier and always expects the worst). Ever since then, she comes to me quite often with questions and concerns and just to share things that are going on in her life. We talk about life and joke around with each other...and it's been really nice.

Aubry has also been so much easier to "discipline" than Ashlyn has lately. More often than not, when I tell Aubry what she's "in trouble" for and what her punishment is, she just says "okay" and tries to correct the problem. Very rarely does she throw a fit about things and she's stopped lying to try to get out of being in trouble. Now Ashlyn on the other hand...she lies and hides things and always throws a fit whenever she's grounded. She doesn't seem to grasp that her consequences are a result of HER actions...and prefers to believe that it's just my fault that she can't do anything. Aubry was that way at thirteen too, so I'm hoping that it's just a phase with Ashlyn and we can get past this stage soon. :P

Sometimes parenting teenagers seems a lot like parenting toddlers... :P

We have some good news, though! My step-daughter and her husband have a closing date on their house! I'm definitely looking forward to things getting more normal around here next month. :)

Friday, March 23, 2018

Spring break is almost over!

I still can't believe how fast this year seems to be going by already. And then I get to thinking about the fact that my 20 year high school reunion is coming up in a couple years...that just seems insane! I can still vividly remember high school...yet in a couple of years, my daughter will be graduating high school. That's craziness! I want time to sloooow dowwwwn!

The girls have been gone since Monday. They stayed the night with XH's mom and then they left for vacation Tuesday morning. XH's family has a place near the Oklahoma/Kansas border and the girls like going down there. We didn't have any plans for spring break so this way they get a little mini vacation. Plus, Aubry got some more driving hours that she needs before she can get her less restricted license. I think they're still planning to come home on Saturday.

I've mostly just had a relaxing spring break...hung out with cats and took a couple naps. I've had a headache for about a week I just haven't felt like doing a whole lot.

My step-daughter and her husband made an offer on a house today...I'm really hoping their offer is accepted and the closing goes through quickly. I'm ready to have a nice clean house again and to actually have some peace and quiet around here for a change. I like my peace and quiet! :P