Saturday, March 31, 2018


Yesterday, Ashlyn pushed my patience to the limit. The era of teenage attitude is upon us...and I'm very much NOT a fan. I hope it's a phase that resolves itself soon...

Despite being grounded, I had let Ashlyn take her ipod and her phone (which doesn't have mobile service at the moment) with her when they went on vacation during spring break...because I thought she might want to take pictures while she was there. When she got back, I told her that she had to give the ipod and phone back to me. She knew that was the deal when she got home. Well...she gave me the phone but claimed to have left her ipod at Grandma's house.

Ashlyn hasn't had internet access for most of the last two months because of her poor grades in two classes. She knows that she has to bring her grades up in order to have her devices and access to the internet again. Unfortunately, she gets herself into further trouble by sneaking her devices out of my room and lying about doing things she's not supposed to be doing. It's been a recurring theme pretty much the entire year.

Yesterday was XH's birthday. While she was AT SCHOOL, Ashlyn got on facebook and tagged her dad in a happy birthday post that included pictures of them. Ashlyn is NOT supposed to be on facebook while she's grounded and definitely not while she's at school. And when asked how she got on facebook, she lied and said she used her friend's phone. Um. NO. She dug herself a hole when she posted pictures...since they were on her ipod and wouldn't have been on her friend's phone. When confronted with that, she claimed that her dad posted the pictures...which was another lie. It just drives me crazy! So now, she's also grounded from accessing facebook at I've changed her password.

Ashlyn is 13 years old. When Aubry was 13 years old, she acted much the same way...the attitude, the lying, the defiance. Aubry got much better at 15, so I'm hoping that'll be the case with Ashlyn as well. Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I want another spring break!

Spring break didn't last nearly long enough. Not that I really did anything over spring just seems like time is going by so fast in general. I feel like a broken record...I keep saying time is going by too fast. I think it just seems so much faster lately because I've come to a place in my life where I'm happy and just want to slow the world down and enjoy it. And it often hits me that the more time that goes by, the less time we really have left.

The girls had a pretty good spring break. They took a lot of pictures while out on a hike...though it was mostly just pictures that Ashlyn had taken of Aubry and none of Ashlyn. :P She's at that stage where she doesn't particularly like to pose for photos as much. Aubry called me several times while they were gone and that was really nice.

I continue to be so thankful that Aubry and I have grown closer over the last year. I really think it started late in 2017 when she confided in me about something difficult and my reaction was better than she had anticipated (she's a worrier and always expects the worst). Ever since then, she comes to me quite often with questions and concerns and just to share things that are going on in her life. We talk about life and joke around with each other...and it's been really nice.

Aubry has also been so much easier to "discipline" than Ashlyn has lately. More often than not, when I tell Aubry what she's "in trouble" for and what her punishment is, she just says "okay" and tries to correct the problem. Very rarely does she throw a fit about things and she's stopped lying to try to get out of being in trouble. Now Ashlyn on the other hand...she lies and hides things and always throws a fit whenever she's grounded. She doesn't seem to grasp that her consequences are a result of HER actions...and prefers to believe that it's just my fault that she can't do anything. Aubry was that way at thirteen too, so I'm hoping that it's just a phase with Ashlyn and we can get past this stage soon. :P

Sometimes parenting teenagers seems a lot like parenting toddlers... :P

We have some good news, though! My step-daughter and her husband have a closing date on their house! I'm definitely looking forward to things getting more normal around here next month. :)

Friday, March 23, 2018

Spring break is almost over!

I still can't believe how fast this year seems to be going by already. And then I get to thinking about the fact that my 20 year high school reunion is coming up in a couple years...that just seems insane! I can still vividly remember high school...yet in a couple of years, my daughter will be graduating high school. That's craziness! I want time to sloooow dowwwwn!

The girls have been gone since Monday. They stayed the night with XH's mom and then they left for vacation Tuesday morning. XH's family has a place near the Oklahoma/Kansas border and the girls like going down there. We didn't have any plans for spring break so this way they get a little mini vacation. Plus, Aubry got some more driving hours that she needs before she can get her less restricted license. I think they're still planning to come home on Saturday.

I've mostly just had a relaxing spring break...hung out with cats and took a couple naps. I've had a headache for about a week I just haven't felt like doing a whole lot.

My step-daughter and her husband made an offer on a house today...I'm really hoping their offer is accepted and the closing goes through quickly. I'm ready to have a nice clean house again and to actually have some peace and quiet around here for a change. I like my peace and quiet! :P

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I really intended to blog more than I have...I've definitely been a slacker! It just seems like I get distracted every time I sit down to start writing.

But Happy St Patrick's Day!

Honestly we're not doing anything for St Patrick's day. We were going to go to the parade in Wichita because Aubry was going to be marching for AFJROTC, but she hasn't been feeling well the last week so she decided not to march after all. She and I have both had a yucky head cold. It feels like we've all just been passing around germs from one person to the next...and with so many people staying here right now, it seems like someone is always sick with something. SO...we've just had a relaxing day.

That was one of the pictures from Sandbox today. We've been coloring on Sandbox a lot lately. It all started with Aubry...she saw someone at school using the app and asked what it was. Then she showed it to Ashlyn, my mom, and my sister. My sister showed it to my cousin. Little Ashlyn showed Big Ashlyn and then I showed Johnny and he's addicted. Now we're all coloring on it! My sister also bought the premium account for a year (where you can color ALL the pictures) AND the nice thing is that she can share it with five other people! Guess who was one of the five?! *this girl* life really is that boring. LOL. ;) My sister also included Johnny, my mom, and my cousin on her family access so we've all been coloring by number a lot lately. It's not too bad of a's $39.99 for a year of premium access and if you divide that by 6 people, it's less than $6.75 a year. Not too bad!

Disclaimer: This is not a compensated review...just me rambling about something I like. :) 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Already March?!

I can't believe it's March! This year is going by so fast already...

The girls had an extended break from school last week. They were off the 15th and 16th for parent-teacher conferences and then Monday (Presidents day) was already a scheduled day off. Then school was cancelled on Tuesday and Thursday due to inclement weather. Both girls went to XH's parents' house on Wednesday and they just stayed there until Saturday.

Saturday, Aubry went to the Wichita State University women's basketball game with my mom and grandparents. She was gone for most of the day and had a good time. Then Ashlyn had a semi-formal school dance that evening. She did her own make-up and I curled her hair for her. She looked beautiful in her black and white dress. Unfortunately, she didn't have very much fun at the dance (just 7th grade girl drama)...but she went home with a friend and had a fun sleepover, so that made up for it. Here are some pictures I took before she left:

The weather has been pretty up and down lately. We had snow and ice for a few days and then lately the temps have been in the 50s. I definitely like the warmer could stick around for the remainder of spring and I wouldn't complain!

My car is currently broken. :( The Engine Control Module needs to be replaced. It's an easy but rather expensive fix PLUS we have to get the new part programmed on the car. We've been driving Johnny's sister-in-law's Suburban in the mean time while they're trying to sell it. We found a problem on it as well that needs to be fixed. Johnny's mom's car is also having some issues. I tell ya...we're not having very good luck with vehicles lately! My step-daughter's husband is a pretty good mechanic, though, and he's been helping out with the vehicles. So that's been nice.

Blacklist came back on yesterday after the Winter Olympics hiatus...we didn't watch it until this evening though. I thought it was a good episode...but it seems to be moving pretty slow along the current story line. It looks like it could be picking up momentum though in the next episode. I hope so anyway. I'm curious to see what is up with that dang suitcase of bones!

We've also been watching Criminal Minds...I finally talked Johnny into watching it with me! We started from the first episode and we're working our way to the end...we'll see how far we get. I never watched the first couple seasons much (I've never been much of a Mandy Patinkin fan) so I don't remember the episodes we're watching now at all. We usually just watch an episode or two in the evenings before we go to bed.

That's about it for now!