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Currently, we have a lot of dogs in our household. I always thought I was a dog person, but my frustration with all the barking and minimal training has made me realize I'm not really that much of a dog person after all. :P But what I didn't expect to find out is that I'm actually a cat person! It's kinda weird since I'm allergic to cats (thank goodness for allergy medicine!), but I can definitely say that I'm a crazy cat lady now. ;)

My youngest daughter, Ashlyn, found a litter of stray kittens in an alley in May 2016. They were about 4 weeks old at the time. She was able to carry three of them back to XH's mom's house. When the kids came home later that day, they'd brought the kitties with them. XH's mom said Ashlyn was crying to save the kittens, but they weren't going to be able to keep them at their she gave us $20 to get some supplies if we'd take them home. One of the kitties was white with black stripes like a tiny white tiger...and in a moment of weakness, I said yes. I thought we'd get the kitties healthy and ready to find them some new homes...maybe keep one of them or something.
Bandit meeting the kittens
Kitties meeting Bandit for the first time
Well, now I have three furbabies! I loved watching the funny little kittens play and the way all three of them would climb into my lap to take a nap. And they were the easiest babies to potty-train! The ONLY accidents they ever had were because they were too tiny to climb into the litter box. Once we figured out to put a "step" in front of it, they did great! They've been really good kitties...they haven't destroyed any furniture or anything and they're relatively quiet (aside from the random running around like maniacs in the middle of the night). ;) 

Each of the kitties are so different. I didn't realize that a mama cat can actually have multiple fathers in one litter of kittens...but it explains how all our babies look totally different! Each of them have their own little personalities and quirks. It became impossible to just pick one or even two of them to keep. So...we ended up keeping them all! The girls and I each named one of the babies: Leo, Milo, and Angel.
kitties in my lap

Leo is a silver short-hair tabby with black spots and stripes. He is always complimented for being such a beautiful boy. He's the biggest kitty and all muscle...he's very heavy! Leo is also a big baby...he's pretty vocal about whatever he doesn't like or when he's had enough of whatever you're doing. He makes a short, whiny sound whenever you pick him up or when he's had enough of being brushed or having his nails clipped. Like a baby with a security blanket, he also has a favorite scarf that he loves to knead and suck on. It's a good thing he doesn't mind being brushed, because he sheds the most out of the three cats. He loves to sleep up on the perches of the cat tree...which are now covered in black and grey hair. Leo is the only kitty who puffs air out of his almost sounds like he's hissing without making the face or being upset. Oh and he HATES car rides...he'll freak out jumping around the car and panting. But he's a very sweet boy as long as you're not doing what he doesn't want you to do when he doesn't want you to do it. ;)

Milo is a short-hair classic tabby with brown circles on his black coat, a brown spotted belly, and a cute little white chin. He sheds the least of the three, which is good since he isn't really a fan of being brushed. He's only slightly shorter than Leo but he's a lot lighter. Milo suffers from PICA...which means he eats everything he can fit in his mouth. We have to be very careful about what's in his environment. He managed to chew the tail off of one of their cat toys...luckily it came out in one piece a short time later. He got very sick, though, when he unraveled a cat toy made of yarn. Luckily he managed to get it all out of his system, because a bowel obstruction surgery is expensive! Now we make sure that none of the cat toys have yarn or parts that can be easily removed. I call Milo our little catdog. He loves to roll over for you to rub his belly and he plays fetch better than any dog I've known. He'll sit and flick his tail waiting for you to throw his little poof ball...then he'll chase it and bring it back to you. He's also super cuddly and will often fall asleep in my lap. He gives me "head bubs" everyday...he'll bump his head against my face and then rub his head around. He also purrs really loud all the time...while waiting for his food, while eating, while sleeping (which makes him sound like he's snoring), whenever! The only thing Milo really hates is when I clip his nails. :P

Angel is the smallest kitty. She's also the only medium-hair cat and she's SO soft...which is why we call her Angelsoft. She was all black as a kitten with a light face and belly...but as she grew, the black spread out to be stripes on light brown fur with a cute little spotted belly. She has a very tiny face and her big eyes kinda make her look like an alien at night when her eyes are mostly black. Angel was the first kitty who started "chattering" at the birds...and sometimes she'll even do it when she's falling asleep. She's very quiet when she chatters and purrs, but she meows really loud when you're not in the room and she wants attention. She also loves to have all the head rubs and if you stop scratching her head before she wants you to, she'll nibble on your hand until you keep petting her. She likes to let you know she doesn't like something with her teeth and claws instead of giving you a warning like Leo. She loves to be brushed, laying in the sun, sleeping in Ashlyn's clothes hamper, and laying in the litter box after I put new litter in there. :P She doesn't like having her nails clipped and it takes even longer with her because she has long tufts of fur that make her nails harder to see.

The kittens were so tiny when Ashlyn found them (and the dogs didn't really understand being gentle with them) so the kitties stay in Ashlyn's room (since she was the one to find them). With Milo's PICA, it's also a lot easier to make sure his home is kitty-proofed when it's just one room in a big house with lots of people. Ashlyn has a hand-me-down dresser with a cabinet on one end (with the door removed) that is perfect for the litter box. With three cats using one litter box, I scoop it twice a day (when I feed them in the morning and again at night) it helps keep the cat smell to a minimum. But the kitties still have plenty of room to run around like maniacs at 1am. They also have a big 7ft cat tree by Ashlyn's window which they absolutely LOVE. When they're not chasing each other around it, they'll spend hours perched on it. They also like chattering at the birds who visit the bird feeder. I think the babies are happy with their home. We're definitely happy with them! :)
cat tree

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